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Are you looking for a database solution that can speed up your development time then consider using our efficient and proven database solution?

Eloquera DB, built by Eloquera, is a pure .NET object database that incorporates the best features of relational and objects databases and overcomes their deficiencies.

This database solution has a number of benefits including:

  • Store C# objects (and objects of any .NET-language) without the need for any interface or adapter.
  • Store Dynamic objects with any fields/properties, and mapping them into objects of any type.
  • SQL like queries. There is no requirement for any SQL database.
  • LINQ support
  • Returns objects in their original state (as enumeration or as a single object)
  • Arrays and list – parameters support. Arrays could be either jagged or multidimensional – query syntax remains the same.
  • Functions and expressions in the queries, they could also be used for ORDER BY.
  • Standard and non-standard ORDER BY.
  • Regular expressions in the queries.
  • Indexing and query optimizer to speed up queries.
  • Bulk insert and update for objects.
  • Generic objects support.
  • Restoring read-only (init-only) fields and properties.
  • Inheritance in queries
    SELECT ParentClass
    would return both ParentClass and ChildClass
  • Queries for a required type only
    SELECT ONLY ParentClass
    will return only ParentClass, but will not return ChildClass
  • Capable of partial object restoration (for example if the required object is ForumTopic, then it is not necessary to drag all the referenced TopicMessages)
  • Restoration depth specification – return only A or A and A.B.C, or all referenced objects?
  • Client-server architecture.
  • Simultaneous support of multiple users (queries executed in parallel and independently).
  • Authentication via Windows accounts (or uses the account of the active user) or using the Eloquera DB integrated authentication.
  • x32 and x64 builds available.
  • Unique identifiers for each object— convenient for working in stateless environments and ASP.NET.
  • Culture support
    ... WHERE dates BETWEEN['en-US'] @d1 and @d2
    — will be interpreted in US format, even if the current Windows Language is French
  • Approximate search using ALMOST

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